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Geologic History of WV

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Geologic History of West Virginia

by Dudley H. Cardwell  1977

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Fossils of West Virginia

With over 20 years in the making, Hassan Amjad's, MD, book on the Fossils of West Virginia has been released. It is massive with 994 pages in 2 volumes. Volume 1 with 540 pages covers invertebrates, vertebrates, the history of paleontology in WV, and with a brief introduction of WV geology. Volume 2 covers fossil plants and is 346 pages. There are over 1000 photos, diagrams, and illustrations, most in full color. Many people contributed photos including yours truly along with about 20 pages of text. There are a few organizational problems but otherwise this is a great book for anyone interested in seeing hundreds of the best fossils ever found in WV. I give much deserved high praise and accolades to Hassan. Volume 3 is already in the works.

Because of how this book had to be published (on demand printing) it is expensive but well worth the full color price and a great value for the black and white version. You may order directly from me, through my website, or my ebay ad. Just follow these links.

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West Virginia Fossils Gallery

Megalonyx jeffersonii Jefferson Ground Sloth NOW The Official WV State Fossil

300 Million Year Old Amphibian Tracks
In November 1986, geologists with the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey's Coal Resources Section had the opportunity to examine the fossilized footprints of an ancient amphibian, a rare fossil find in West Virginia. The trails of footprints, called...