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2002 News Stories:

Incisivosaurus: A Strange New Dinosaur From China
9/21 If you had a hunch weird- looking creatures roamed the earth 128 million years ago, your suspicions have just been confirmed. The evidence is a newly discovered dinosaur called Incisivosaurus gauthieri, the oldest known oviraptorosaur. [MORE]

Out of the Arctic: 375 Million Year Old Fish
8/19 It seems the harshest places on the planet are not immune from fossil collection. Brave crews from Chicago and Philly have recently uncovered a six foot long lobed-finned fish from Devonian age rocks. The big marine predator likely fed on smaller armor-plated fish, common at this time. [more]

Cretaceous Meteor Baked the Dinosaurs
6/23 Global warming, it seems, was big problem for late- Cretaceous animals like the dinosaurs. A study of rocks at the K-T boundary (the period which marked...[more]

DNA Relics
5/29 Researchers believe they have found traces of 425 - million - year - old bacterial DNA in rock salt of the same vintage. The problems of dating ancient DNA mean that previous studies have struggled to work out whether or not microorganisms had been incorporated into such rocks at a later date. [Source: Nature]

Paleontologist Author Stephen J. Gould Dies
5/20 The noted science author died at his home this afternoon at the end of a long struggle with cancer. His writings delivered complex natural history topics...[more

Early Tree-Climbing Mammal from China
4/30 "A mouse-sized fossil from 125 million years ago is the earliest known member of the mammal group that includes humans, say researchers." [more: nature]

Zimbabwe Dinosaur Tracks Like Small Meteor Craters
4/3 Three-foot-long prints from a huge Brachiosaur-like dinosaur have been discovered in the African country of Zimbabwe. The tracks are some of the best preserved dinosaur footprints to date and suggest the 80 ton dinosaurs that made them stepped with tremendous force. In making the tracks, hard soil was pressed up around the outside of each print forming a ridge "exactly like the ridge surrounding a meteorite crater." Tracks from several large meat-eaters were found as well. These pathways suggest the dinosaurs hunted in packs as the trails from these different predatory dinosaurs followed one another closely.
[More: Guardian]

Evolution Starts Small: A Triceratops Ancestor from China
3/28 In life, it stood barely a foot tall, but it's skeleton is giving important insight into the evolution of one of the most popular of all dinosaurs: Triceratops. The fossil find was made recently in China by a team of paleontologists from China, Chicago, and New York. Liaoceratops yanzigouensis, as it has been named, appears similar in form to Triceratops, though the characteristic neck frill is notably smaller in Liaoceratops.
[more: Yahoo

Jurassic Jog: Evidence That T. rex May Not Have Been So Poky
2/13 From Oxfordshire, UK comes word of an unusual find: a set of dinosaur footprints in which the meat-eater who left them appears to have gone from walking to running. The tracks start out spaced closely together, and somewhat to the sides, as if the animal was lumbering along at a slow pace. Then, after a few steps, the space between tracks lengthens and the prints draw closer to the centerline- very similar to the way living animals like birds lay tracks as they move from a walk to a run. Based on the measurements from the unique trackway, it is guessed the dinosaur was traveling at somewhere around 20 miles an hour. The track-maker was likely a relative of the infamous T. rex. [more: Nature ABCNews]

1.6 Billion Year Old Raindrops
1/11 Indian Geologist Chirananda De has found a peculiar rock in his native country which may shed light on the atmosphere of ancient earth. Millions of years before mammals, dinosaurs, reptiles or even fish, tiny drops of rain made there mark in the mud. These impressions later hardened and eventually were preserved in the Vindhyan mountain range. The earth's climate and weather so long ago is largely a mystery. But at least we know it rained. [More: BBC]


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