Giant amour-plated toads,
boomerang-headed amphibians, and poison-spewing salamanders. Are these strange creatures from the next Jurassic Park movie? Dinosaurs genetically engineered for weirdness?

No, these animals were the predecessors of the dinosaurs. The mysterious animals that ruled the Paleozoic world before a single dinosaur existed.

Shortly we'll introduce you to some of the Coal Age monsters of the Paleozoic Era like Diploceraspis. This fascinating creature had one of the most bizarre skulls of any animal the world has ever known. It's boomerang-shaped head was probably used for defense from predators. Stay tuned to Prehistoric WV for more insight into this and other fascinating animals that lived before the dinosaurs...

300 Million Year Old Amphibian Tracks
In November 1986, geologists with the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey's Coal Resources Section had the opportunity to examine the fossilized footprints of an ancient amphibian, a rare fossil find in West Virginia. The trails of footprints, called...
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